Stefan Buchen
widening circles of the German upper and lower-middle classes – the famous heart of society – agree. Those seeking to get an idea of this process should watch an appearance

Beate Zschape
aided and abetted the terrorists, which focussed on the role of Beate Zschape, has come to a close. But who were the victims? By Iveta Ondruskova Qantara dossier: European travellers ... the Orient

Wolfgang Kühn
Jahrbuch des Oberaargaus 2008, S. 14-44 Fraudeckung. In: TOP 22, the only way is up …Teil III. Hrsg. von Wolfgang Kühn. Wien, Edition Aramo 2007, S. 168-180 Friedas

Wilhelmine Germany
with leading circles that they facilitated. To put Augustine’s thesis in one sentence: “The wealthy business elite of Wilhelmine Germany did not subordinate itself to the aristocracy.” 88 What

Simon Kraus
Simon Kraus #493476 riga latvia © david harding #1134500 riga in the winter © Vladimirs Koskins #1117976 riga © Daiga #1119655 flugzeug auf einem rollfeld © Martina Berg #503493 carry on © Albert Lozano

Philip Einstein
für Generation Kplus, die rasante dänische Animation Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære (The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear) von Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Næsby Fick und Jørgen

Patricia Weckauf
soaking in it is a group exhibition showing actual works of the three artists Paul Barnett, Wolfgang

Johanna Birkhan
make us one of the leading general cargo co-operations.“ Johanna Birkhan, Management/Authorised Signatory „We view supporting regional projects and enabling opportunities as a key task.“ Kristina Wassermann

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