Lisa Cash
enticing grooves, breathtaking guitars and the rich warm embracing vocals of Lisa Cash (ex-singer of Consolidated

François Roudaut
France Review, Vol. 10 (Feb. 2010), no. 30. Review essay, “From Septuagint to Singer: Translation as Legend and Politics,” with Isaac Meyers

Sylvie Singer
Raynaud Responsable de la publication : Mme Sylvie Singer Kergall Terminologie : Utilisateur : toute personne physique, possédant un compte Webdentiste ou non, utilisant le Site Webdentiste ou l’un des services proposés

Rolf Brunold别名
Rolf Brunold(别名 Singer Entertainer) 正在使用 Facebook。 注册 Facebook,与 Rolf Brunold 建立联系

Steven Drake
prisoners of war and targeted populations during World War II." The venom of Singer s critics straddles the globe. "His book, Practical Ethics, is full of fallacies, half-truths

Barbara Koželj
Swiss soprano Noëmi Nadelmann is a multifaceted and fascinating singer of the classical music scene, with stunning charisma, musical expressivity and dramatic versatility. Barbara Koželj, Slovenian mezzo-soprano

Scott Fagan
SOLD (late 60 s 2nd-label print of fairly pathetique Singer-Songwriter-album w/orchestrated parts; a voice reminiscent of David Bowie

Isaak Singer
Isaak Singer schuld, der Mechaniker. 1851 bekam er das Patent für seine hochpotente Nähmaschine; seitdem werden Kleider in Konfektion gefertigt, also extrem arbeitsteilig oder aus Sicht der Näherin: extrem stumpfsinnig

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