Thomas Curiger
World Orienteering Championships 2017 in Tartu / Estonia. copyright by + swiss orienteering federation

Philippe Cotelle
Group of the Federation Francaise des Sociétés d’Assurance (FFSA) and representative of the French Reinsurance Association at the IUAI. Philippe Cotelle is graduated Engineer from Ecole Nationale Superieure

Peter Cliff
IFMGA British Mountain Guides member Peter Cliff, becomes Honorary Member of the International Federation of Mountain Guiding Associat... Read story Dave Sharpe and John Crook return from Miyar Valley Aspirant

Daniel Hollinger
Daniel Hollinger (4. Dan) in Basel die erste Schweizer Schule der International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). Nur wenige Zeit später wurde der nationale Dachverband ITF Suisse ins Leben gerufen. Daniel

Alexander Mikhailov
victories gained in a fair contest. Alexander Mikhailov President of the Russian Fencing Federation Dear friends, On behalf of the Russian Fencing Federation, I would

Nicole Blatter
vielseitige Handschrift. N.Y.Cole wurde 2002 von der Country Music Federation Switzerland (CMFS) mit dem “Newcomer Of The Year“-Award ausgezeichnet. Nicole Blatter und Rolf LL Lüthi spielen CORT-Gitarren . Nicole

Bertrand Piccard
Links Other organizations in the fight against Noma On the website of the International Federation No Noma you find more information on Noma, and links to organizations working

Ernest Jones
such as Ernest Jones the old Chartist leader. In 1880 was founded the Democrativ Federation (later changing its name to the Social

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